Future Airspace Strategy VFR Implementation Group
FASVIG Members, Associates & Champions


This list manages ALL levels of membership of the FASVIG Network. That means Members, Associates & Champions.
Note that Members/Associates can also be Champions - this is obviously welcome - please fill in your Champion details.

If you are a Member/Associate and unsubscribe from this list it means you are cancelling your FASVIG Network Membership.
If this is what you wish to do please first email coordinator@fasvig.org to confirm your cancellation.
Please do not unsubscribe if you wish to maintain your FASVIG Network Membership status.

Please confirm/update your detail. Thank you.


Expression of Interest - FASVIP Projects
This relates to the 25 Package of Change items in the FAS VFR Implementation Programme
When volunteering, please indicate all projects that are of interest to you.
This is to help in matching Champions to the Projects.

Thank you,

Steve Hutt
FASVIG Programme Coordinator 

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